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Peaceful assembly is the hallmark of social justice, and peaceful protest is the mechanism responsible for America’s most lasting change and forward evolution. Throughout our history, injustice has been combated by non-violent resistance, and civil disobedience, without destroying property or harm to our brothers and sisters.  At each step, this path has brought our nation closer to its creed.

“I Choose Love USA” is an opportunity to remind us that love, understanding, and justice, received by all this country’s residents, works to the mutual benefit of each of us. Let’s work together, as communities and representative agencies, to bring peace, restore order, but most importantly, bring LOVE back to our beloved community…say “I Choose Love”!

“I Choose Love USA” is a collective group of seasoned thinkers, professionals, and athletes, led by Les “Pee Wee” Harrison that are organizing and reaching out to younger leaders in the grassroots community to carry the torch for all people to embrace and heal while seeking justice and social equality.  Our goals and objectives are to bring our community together, promote justice, embrace peace, heal our city, and choose to love.


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