1st Responders Basketball Camp

Camps will be staffed by a team of coaches and 1st Responders. The one week camps (one for 50 girls, one for 50 boys) will focus on middle school youth. The camp will include non-traditional elements of training, involving a staff of coaches and 1st Responders. The goal of this camp will be to introduce fundamentals to improve athletic performance & self-esteem, develop refusal & conflict resolution skills and encourage civic responsibility. This platform will encourage a positive community environment by bridging the gap between youth, parents and 1st Responders. This partnership will promote positive community interactions year round. This can ultimately decrease encounters with law enforcement, while developing a positive appreciation for public safety in their respective communities. Each participant will receive a backpack with school supplies and resource material. Each agency represented (i.e. police, fire, mayor’s office, schools) will identify 2 athletes to present with a bicycle for demonstrating outstanding citizenship. The camp concludes with a celebrity basketball game with 1st Responders and community supporters.