1 Block at a Time

In a partnership with community 1st Responders, “I CHOOSE LOVE” is organizing a series of community beautification projects, centering on residential improvements and home repairs in our more economically challenged communities. The ultimate goal of “1 BLOCK AT A TIME" is to create a greater sense of public safety through an effort to promote an improved sense of community pride in home ownership. Our focus will be on the “pathways to schools”, where children walk on a daily basis. As our children go to and from school, they will take pride in the beauty of where they live and be inspired
to dream of how they can impact change. 1st Responders and neighborhood residents will work together to create an environment of beauty, safety, trust, and mutual respect. Partnering with retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, and local developers and contractors, “I CHOOSE LOVE” will assess the needs for improvement. Real estate professionals will assist to design strategies and plans that add economic value to the residences of these respective communities while instilling a greater sense of pride. Supporting the “I CHOOSE LOVE” beatification initiative will change the landscape of an entire neighborhood “1 BLOCK AT A TIME”.


If you are interested in Volunteering in NE or OR, please send an email to ichooseloveusa@gmail.com